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WHEN    : April 11 2015 -- Saturday
WHERE  : Combermere Community Center
                 1090 Farmer Rd. Combermere Ontario (off hwy 62 at the bridge)
TIMES    :  Morning Class: Orchard Design 9:30 am -- 12:30 pm
               :  Afternoon Class:   Orchard Propagation 1:30pm -- 4:30 pm
Cost       - Morning Class :   $40.00  (preregister and deposit required)   
               - Afternoon Class: $ 60.00 (preregister and deposit required)
               - All Day : $90.00 ( includes Lunch and beverage)  (preregister and deposit)
 Please Register by April 6 to be assured a spot!!
 Deposit of $40.00 is required

  In the Morning Workshop Ken will customize the information to the groups needs.
He can discuss such topics as : Traditional Orchard planting
                                                 Permaculture  Style Orchards
                                                 Forest Polycultures
                                                 Agroforestry (row cropping between fruit trees)
Most importantly he will explain how to grow your food with minimal work(no sprays, weeding or watering, etc.) He will also talk about which fruit varieties will thrive in our area!
  The Afternoon Workshop will explain how you can use seeds to create your own orchard varieties and then how to increase your favourite selections with orchard propagation. Ken will teach various grafting techniques and have propagation kits and supplies available for purchase to anyone who wants to try their hand at home propagating.
 I first heard Ken Taylor speak in Guelph at the Canadian Organic Conference several years ago, he was a wealth of information and radiated common sense. Ken and his family, have evolved the growing style on their farm from monoculture fruit orchard(1974) into it's  present “freedom farm” concept…. which eliminates most inputs(chemical, human or otherwise).  They do not spray, irrigate, fertilize, prune or pamper their trees,..natural systems are in control and "Mother Nature" decides what lives and what dies. Over the past 40 years they have planted an incredible diversity of fruit, nut and berry plants to test the climate extremes of  bitter cold -40 C winters and +40 C hot, humid summers. They know now, which plant varieties survive the farm's weather extremes of heat, cold, drought, rain and wind. Observing how their plant diversity handles the poorer growing areas on the farm …. heavy clay, dry sand, wet ditches, deep shade, blazing sun, winter winds, etc…they are now able to help other fruit growers to choose varieties more suited to their specific local soil and weather conditions. They grow all their crops using organic Permaculture principles but have found that selecting the right varieties or genetics FIRST is the most important factor for fruit growing success.
These Workshops are for both urban and country farmers passionate about growing healthy food diversity without compromising their ecological principles. We at the Old School Greenhouses are very pleased to host this work shop featuring Ken Taylor and hope you can join us for an informative and exciting day!  *** AT the end of the workshops Ken will be auctioning off some rare bare root trees he brought with him (yay!) This will be open to workshop participants only.